Mechanization Technology


Sustainable increase of productivity and profitability of the sugar industry through appropriate mechanization of sugarcane cultivation and small-scale processing.

Our services run deep and are backed by over thirty years of experience.


  • Designing, constructing and evaluation of machinery for sugarcane fields.
  • Evaluation and introduction of appropriate/available machinery for sugarcane farming.
  • Modification and/or fabrication of utility tools and equipment ( cane knife, deglumer, bud chipper, fuzz dryer, detrasher,  cane chopper)
  • Design and modification of hot-water treatment plant.
  • Modification of sugarcane crushers and equipment used in producing cottage-level sugarcane-based products
  • Data base development related to mechanization of sugarcane farming.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven sugar production system (e.g.: Use of drone technologies, smart phones and other sensors to collect data for developing decision support system to achieve the Sustainable development Goals (SDG) of the Sugar industry in Sri Lanka)


  • Design and construction of hot water treatment plant.
  • Design and construction of machinery for small scale sugarcane farming
  • Introduction of Cane and dry leaves harvesting (CDLH) concept


  • Conducting training / demonstration programs for industry, farmers, students, etc.
  • Repair and maintenance of farm implements, lab/field equipment and instruments.
  • Service and repair of vehicles and tractors of Sugarcane Research Institute.
  • Construction of  plant protection structures (e.g. Poly house)
  • Install electric fence for control of wild elephants and wild boars attacks in sugarcane.
  • Providing workshop facility for development program of SRI (eg.; Sheds, park, fence…)


Recommendations on Mechanical Sugarcane Harvesting in Sri Lanka