Crop & Resource Management


Increase productivity of sugarcane lands and profitability of sugarcane farming in a sustainable manner through appropriate improved crop, land and water management practices.

Our services run deep and are backed by over thirty years of experience.


  • Sugarcane variety testing: for maturity patterns, ratooning ability, agronomic and physiological performances, drought tolerance
  • Land preparation: Soil bed requirements in different crop-growing regimes and different soil conditions to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Planting: Various plant propagation and planting techniques to minimise costs
  • Ratoons management and trash management: to increase productivity and profitability
  • Weed management: For effective control of weeds in sugarcane mono-cropped and inter-cropped fields
  • Water management: For efficient use of available water
  • Rain-fed farming: for achieving high yields under limited moisture conditions
  • Diversification of land use: for increasing land use efficiency


  • Introduction of lateral shoot multiplication and spaced planting and spaced transplanting techniques for rapid propagation of planting material and reducing costs of seedcane.
  • Recommendations for alleviating drainage problems in Sevanagala sugarcane plantations.
  • Recommendations of weedicides and integrated weed management practices.
  • Recommendations on inter-cropping of short duration crops with sugarcane.