Crop Protection


Increase productivity and profitability of the sugar industry through maintaining pest and disease-free plantations.

Our services run deep and are backed by over thirty years of experience.


  • Development of Integrated Management packages for pests and diseases
  • Prevention of introduction of alien pests and diseases through quarantine practices
  • Regular monitoring of pest and disease status in all the sugarcane growing areas to avoid sudden outbreaks
  • Promotion of use of biological control agents of sugarcane pests to minimize the use of hazardous insecticides
  • Provision of crop protection services for farmers and sugar industries
  • Expansion of  molecular biological capacity for identification of all bacterial, fungal, virus and phytoplasma diseases in sugarcane 


  • Development of an integrated pest management (IPM) practices for sugarcane pests.
  • Biological control of sugarcane plant hopper, Pyrilla perpusilla by introducing a parasitoid, Epiricania melanoleuca from Pakistan.
  • Management of sugarcane woolly aphid through augmentation of an indigenous moth,Dipha aphidivora.
  • Use of natural enemies of sugarcane woolly aphid for the biological control programme and mass rearing for their augmentation and conservation.
  • Recommendations of optimum hot-water treatment method to eliminate sugarcane sett-borne diseases
  • Recommendations for management of sugarcane white leaf (WLD)/grassy shoot diseases (GSD)
  • Identification of WLD/GSD causal phyto-plasma and its vector


  • Regular pest and disease surveys.
  • Instruction to the sugarcane growers.
  • Pest and disease control work.
  • Supply of bio-control agents etc.