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An exciting new initiative aimed at transforming cutting-edge sugarcane research into practical solutions for the commercial sector. As a premier research institution dedicated to advancing the science and knowledge surrounding sugarcane cultivation and processing, Sugarcane Research Institute (SRI) proud to introduce Institute business linkage – Sugarcane Research Institute (IBLSRI) as a dynamic platform for collaboration, innovation, and commercialization.

IBLSRI bridges our esteemed institute and the business community, facilitating the seamless transfer of our research findings into real-world applications. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships with industry stakeholders, enabling them to leverage our expertise and benefit from our groundbreaking discoveries.

With a team of highly skilled scientists and managers, IBLSRI is poised to unlock the full potential of sugarcane farming and processing. Through strategic alliances, technology transfer, and customized solutions, we aim to drive sustainable growth, enhance productivity, and address the unique challenges faced by the sugarcane industry.

By harnessing our state-of-the-art research facilities and access to extensive data, IBLSRI empowers businesses to stay at the forefront of sugarcane innovation. Whether developing disease-resistant high sugar and energy-yielding varieties, optimizing crop management techniques, exploring value-added product diversification, or technologizing sugarcane cultivation and processing in the circular economy our collaborative efforts promise to revolutionize how sugarcane is cultivated and utilized.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we pioneer groundbreaking advancements in sugarcane research and help shape the future of the industry. Together, let us unlock the untapped potential of sugarcane and create a sustainable, prosperous future for all stakeholders.


To be the trusted vanguard for stakeholders, leading the way in technology transfer and commercialization of innovative breakthroughs from the Sugarcane Research Institute.


To drive the sustainable growth of Sri Lanka’s sugarcane industry by empowering stakeholders through innovation and facilitating the seamless transfer of research findings and commercialization opportunities.


  • Facilitate Technology Transfer: 
  • Drive Commercialization: 
  • Promote Sustainability: 
  • Foster Collaboration: 
  • Uphold Research Policy: .
  • Generate Extra Income: 
  • Promote Scientist Retention and Advancement

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