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Topic: Investigation of management of sugarcane moth borers using synthetic sex pheromones Objectives To identify effective pheromone blend sources and ratios for sugarcane moth borers; Chilo sacchariphagus and Sesamia inferans To examine the relationship between moth catches and borer infestation levels To select effective and efficient trap design for trapping borer moths using pheromones To …

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Objectives Development of organo-mineral fertiliser pellets using vinasse – filter mud compost and inorganic fertilisers Evaluation of the effectiveness of OMF on sugarcane cultivation and soil Effect on soil quality parameters Effects on the crop yield and juice quality Possibility to reduce mineral fertiliser Nutrient releasing pattern of fertilisers

Objectives The objectives of this study are 1. To understand the possibility of using polythene mulch for controlling weeds in sugarcane. 2. To evaluate the effect of different types of polythene mulch for controlling weeds in sugarcane 3. To select most effective thickness of polythene suitable for weed controlling in sugarcane.