Goals of the Institution for 2025

  • Increasing sugar yield by 20% and reduce costs of cultivation by 10% to increase productivity and profitability
  • Increase efficiency of processing of sugarcane and its co-products
  • Increase farm income by diversifying/intercropping of 30% of sugarcane lands and diversify processing industries;
  • Keeping pest and disease damages below the economic threshold level to protect sugarcane-growing/producing environment
  • Increase number of farmers using recommended technologies by 10% annually through increasing their knowledge and skills ;
  • Ensure formulation and implementation of appropriate policies and regulatory measures required for the development of the sugar sector by relevant authorities; and
  • Ensure working culture by Develop human resources with high-calibre scientists and state-of-the art research infrastructure, and gain access to latest scientific literature whilst providing the staff with congenial working and living environment to enable cutting-edge research in sugarcane and improve research outputs.
  • Enhancing links with local and international organization in formal way