WLD Control Program

Management of sugarcane white leaf disease in sugarcane plantations at Sevanagala, Pelwatte and Hingurana

Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is  management of white leaf disease  (WLD) in sugarcane nurseries and commercial  plantations in Sevanagala, Pelwatte and Gal Oya sugar company (Hingurana) areas.

The specific objectives are;

  1. Produce 1,200 tonnes  genetically pure healthy planting material of the recommended varieties annually.
  2. Produce 5,400 tonnes of primary seedcane annually from the foundation seedcane.
  3. Produce 50,000 tonnes of secondary seedcane annually from the primary seedcane
  4. Replant highly WLD-infected sugarcane plantations of about 3000 ha annually from the second year and their rouging out.
  5. Rogue out nearly 2,000 ha with low incidence of WLD annually from the second year.
  6. Control the WLD-spreading vector
  7. Conduct nearly 100 training and awareness programs  on WLD and its management.