Technology Transfer Activities

  • Training a total of 1,130 farmers and 376 field officers on new sugarcane technologies by conducting 40 training programmes/field demonstrations for farmers, and 13 training programmes for field officers.  A total of 240 visits were made to farmers’ fields and 287 students of universities NIPM, National Youth Council and technical colleges were also trained on sugarcane technologies.
  • Establishing maintaining 88 field demonstration sites in sugar mill areas.
  • Publishing an information sheet on seedcane production and SRI newsletter- “Puwath Hasuna”, volume 09  No 01..
  • Producing advisory videos on on ratoon management (12min) and intercropping (12min) and filming and editing advisory video on seed cane production (15min) and uploading a video on cane quality improvement (24min)  into SRI web page/youtube.
  • Printing 4000 copies of  information sheets and news letters (seedcane production and SRI newsletter- “Puwath Hasuna”, volume 09  No 01.).
  • Distributing  2,350 copies of a farmer manual and advisory publications on agronomic practices, farm machinery and pest and disease control among farmers/officers in sugar companies.
  • Launching SRI TTD eSMS service for transfer extension messages between researchers, extension officers and farmers in the sugarcane sector.
  • Running exhibition stalls on sugarcane research and development at Rajarata university – “Krushi Mela” 2019 at Anuradhapura and “Silpa Sena 2019” at BMICH.