State Ministry of Development of minor Crops Including Sugarcane, Maize, Cashew, Pepper, Cinnamon, cloves, Betel Related Industries and Export Promotion SUGARCANE RESEARCH INSTITUTE REGISTRATION OF SUPPLIERS & CONTRACTORS FOR THE YEAR 2021

The Sugarcane Research Institute is a statutory board coming under the purview of the State Ministry of Development of minor Crops Including Sugarcane, Maize, Cashew, Pepper, Cinnamon, cloves, Betel Related Industries and Export Promotion. The Institute’s main station is located at Udawalawe. Applications are invited from reputed manufactures, agents, importers, dealers, contractors, cooperative societies, government organizations including corporations and others who wish to register themselves with the Sugarcane Research Institute for supplying the following goods and services:

  1. Agriculture Suppliers
    AS01. Agro Chemical
    AS02. Agro Fertilizer
    AS03. Nursery Materials
  2. Building Materials
    BM01. Asbestos and Roofing Items
    BM02. Cement, Lime, Bricks, Sand, Metal & Gravel
    BM03. Local & imported timber
  3. Chemicals, Glassware and Laboratory Equipment
    CE01. Laboratory Glassware
    CE02. Laboratory Chemical
    CE03. Laboratory Equipment
  4. Detergent & Cleaning Chemical
    DC01. Detergent and Disinfectant
    DC02. Janitorial and Cleaning Items
  5. Electrical Suppliers
    ES01.Wiring and Lighting Fittings and consumables
    ES02. Electrical Fan etc
    ES03. Electrical Fence Items
  6. Hardware Items
    HI01. Glass and Aluminium Fabricating Items
    HI02. Bathroom Fittings & sanitary wares
    HI03. Plywood and Fiber Products
    HI04. General Hardware Items
    HI05. Hand and Power Tool
    HI06. Paints and allied products
    HI07. PVC Pipes and Other PVC Fittings
  7. Grocery Items
    GI01. Polythene, aluminum foil, rubber mats and plastic ware
    GI02. All Grocery Items (Sugar, Tea Powder, Coir Strings etc.)
  8. Motor spare parts
    MS01.Tyre & Tube.
    MS02.Vehicle Batteries.
    MS03.Spare Parts for all kinds of Vehicles, including tractors & motor bicycles.
  9. Printing, Desktop Publishing and Other
    PR01. Rubber Seal.
    PR02. Printing and Advertising Services.
    PR03. Preparation of banner, Art Work, Graphic Designing, Event Management.
    PR04. Souvenir & Name Boards
  10. Plant and Machinery
    PM01. Water pumps, generators and bush cutters and their accessories
    PM02. Air conditioners and refrigerators, deep freezers, etc.
    PM03. Farm equipment and tools
    PM04. Workshop tools & equipment
    PM05. Engineering & carpentry equipment and tools and their spare parts
  11. Repairing of Equipment.
    RE01. Repairs to laboratory equipment
    RE02. Air Conditioners and Refrigerators
    RE03. Computers, Printers and UPS
    RE04. Electrical & Electronic Equipment
    RE05. Photocopy, Duplo Machines, Fax Machines
    RE06. Bush Cutters, Power Sprayers and water Pumps
  12. Stationery
    ST01. Ink & Toner
    ST02. Computer stationery, Photocopy Papers, Writing Instruments, Desktop Instruments, Filing and Storage
    ST03. Publication (Books and periodicals)
  13. Office Equipment
    OE01. Communication and Audio Visual Equipment
    OE02. Computers , UPS, Printers, Duplo machines, fax machines and other Computer Hardware Items
    OE03. General Office equipment, wooden and steel furniture
  14. Furniture and House Holding Items
    FH01. Plastic, Steel and Wooden Furniture
    FH02. Foam Mattress
    FH03. All House Holding Equipment and Items (Gas cookers, Blender, Rice Cooker, Electric Kettle etc.)
  15. Safety Items
    SF01. Uniform, safety wear and all type Safety Items
    SF02. Laboratory Protective Cloth and Shoes
    SF03. Fire Extinguish Items
  16. Pest Control
    PC01. Anti-Termite treat
  17. Repair of Motor vehicles
    RM01. Auto Air Conditioning and Auto Electrical
    RM02. Repair of Motor Cars, Tractors, Buses, Motor Bicycle, Water Bowser
    RM03. Tinkering and Spray Painting
    RM04. All Vehicle Cushion Works
  18. Hiring of Vehicle and other Machinery
    HV01. Hiring of vehicles (Double Cab, Crew Lorry, Crew Cab, Tipper -Cube 3 & 5)
    HV02. Hiring of Heavy Machinery
  19. Building Construction and Repair Works
    BC01. New Building Construction
    BC02. Renovation and Rehabilitation
    BC03. Construction of Carpentry, Masonry, Color washing, Roadways, Steel fabrications, etc.
  20. Services
    SC01. Preparation of building plans & estimates
    SC02. Language translations
    SC03. Courier Services
    SC04. Tree Cutting & Coconut Picking Service


  1. Suppliers/Contractors/Service Providers who are already registered with the Institute shore-apply for registration.
  2. Applicant should have at least three years’ experience of supplying the relevant items (good works/Services)
  3. Relevant organization should possess a valid business registration & copy of the certificate registration should be attached
  4. If the intended supplier is an limited liability company, certificate of incorporation of the company should be annexed with the application
  5. If the intended supplier is an organization other than non-limited liability company, a copy of certificate of registration should be attached
  6. If the intended supplier’s goods are manufactured by principal company, then the authorization letter issued by the principal company should be attached
  7. Awarding letter/purchase order details with regard to your current supplies (major) for the last three years should be attached
  8. The registration certificate of ICTAD in connection with the construction contractors should attached
  9. VAT registration certificate or the vat exemption certificate issued by the commissioner genre inland revenue should be attached
  10. Every supplier should agree to provide a credit facility at least for 30 days
  11. Application forms could be either downloaded from the website or obtained Working day from 09.00 am to 3.00 pm from the Procurement Officer of the Sugarcane Research Institute, Udawalawe.
  12. Applications will be issued from 02nd November 2020 to 30th November 2020.
  13. Applications should be forwarded along with a cheque in favour of the Sugarcane Research Institute or cash for non- refundable fee of Rs.500.00 for each item by registered post to The Chairman, Department Procurement Committee (Minor), Sugarcane Research Institute, Udawalawe to reach on or before 30/11/2020.“Registration of Suppliers/ Contractors 2021. ” should be marked on the top-left hand corner of the envelop.
  14. Any clarification or information, if required, could be obtained from the addresses given below or on telephone nos, 047-4937342 (Procurement Officer) or 047- 4937339 (Accountant).

Department Procurement Committee (Minor),
Sugarcane Research Institute,
Uda Walawe.

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