Main objectives of the institute are to:

01. Performance

  • Enhance varietal diversity with improved commercial attributes in local sugarcane plantations;
  • Maximize crop productivity by improving sugarcane crop management and Mechanizing sugarcane farming ensuring efficient utilization of land, soil and water resources with minimum environment degradation;
  • Improve processing efficiencies of sugarcane and of its co products and diversify sugarcane-based products;
  • Increase stakeholder knowledge of sugarcane technologies and provide necessary institutional coordination and support for adoption/commercialization of such knowledge;

02. Governance

  • Increase productivity of scientific, and technical and administrative support staff by ensuring high-caliber staff, with modern infrastructure and library and information technology (IT) facilities for research and technology transfer and development activities in a congenial working environment for the staff.

02. National Development

  • Lead and guide authorities for formulation and implementation of policies and regulatory measures