Two field demonstration programs on Device for demarcating furrow lines were conducted by SRI for farmers and sugar industry officers on 29th September 2020 at Siyambalanduwa. This device is a simple and low cost implement designed and introduced by SRI to use for demarcating furrow lines. The implement can be used by farmer due to easiness of handling the implement, and it can be assembled by using locally available material.

The Device will help to,

  • Demarcate furrow lines correctly
  • Control land degradation by soil erosion
  • Increase both water use efficiency and irrigation efficiency

The program conducted for farmers at the Out Grower office, Siyambalanduwa of the Ethimale Plantation (Pvt) Ltd,

The program conducted for a group of officials and tractor operators of Ethimale Plantation (Pvt) Ltd.

A team of officers including the Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy General Manager of the Out Grower division were also participated in this event.